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Cinema Lights Overview

For my Advertising II class I created this logo for the event Cinema Lights. It is a conference held in Dallas, TX where independent filmmakers come to hear a well known Hollywood director speak on how to properly produce a film. My inspiration for this logo was the lights on the outside of old movie theaters. I tried to incorporate that concept with the different strokes and their arrangement.

Cinema Lights Logo
Cinema Lights tshirt.jpg

T-Shirt Design

This T-shirt design was created for the event attendees to purchase and wear. It features a ribbon that runs around the shirt telling the Filmmakers Journey. Each silhouette shows a different part. The order is Ponder, Plan, Pitch, Produce, Prepare, and Pose.

Ticket Designs

Each of these tickets are designed to have a different icon on the front each day. They feature a removable stub that can be collected at the event and the seat location is prominently displayed.

Ticket Design Front
Ticket Design Front
Ticket Design Back

Direct Mailer Outside
Direct Mailer Inside

Direct Mailer

This invitation is designed to be sent out to people in the Dallas area to get them to attend the event. I used a gate fold on the front to make it unique from the rest of the mail they would be receiving with this. On the inside the reader can find more information as well as a return slip that they can mail back to reserve their ticket.

Event Poster

This poster was modeled after the old movie posters from the early 20th century. I made sure to include all of the important information in a logical way that promoted good eye flow. 

Cinema Lights Poster