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Go Create Something Overview

In January of 2017 I created a web show aimed at encouraging and inspiring people to be creative. The show was called Go Create Something which ran for 10 episodes on various topics from finding the best place to get creative work done to how to work with the resources you have.

Featured here are the show logos I created and used. In one episode I recreated the show in a throwback 90’s style. The show had a good viewership averaging 100 views per episode. Go Create Something is scheduled to be replaced with a new show called Artists Block which is similar to Go Create Something but is a little more polished and will feature interviews from actual artists. Artists Block is planned to be released later this year. 

Go Create Something Show Logo

Show Logo

Go Create Something 90s look

90s Throwback Style

For one episode I needed to style everything as if it was made in the 90s.


Video Thumbnails

GCS Thumb8.jpg

Photo Credit: Skeeze

GCS Thumb 6.jpg

Photo Credit: ArtsyBee

GCS Thumb7.jpg

Photo Credit: Ponciano