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Norris Bible Baptist Seminary Overview

After being closed for some time, the Norris Bible Baptist Seminary opened its doors once again in the summer of 2014. I was asked to create a new brand for the Seminary, this included a new logo, promotional materials, and a new website. In this design scheme I really wanted to bring out the history of the seminary in a meaningful way. I used as many historical photos as I could and really worked on making this seminary feel established. Along with that idea I knew that it would really help attract new students if the seminary felt a little modern and fresh. So, I incorporated a few modern elements in my designs as well, sharp geometric lines and flat color when appropriate. It was a real challenge to merge that old established feel with a new modern approach, but one that I really enjoyed working on. 

Norris Bible Baptist Seminary Website

Feature 1Norris Bible Baptist Seminary Website

 One of their most pressing needs at the time was a brand new website that they could use to promote the revitalized school. I set to work immediately and created for them. Along the way I worked closely with the president to ensure that the work was done exactly how they wished. 

Norris Seminary Seal

Norris Seminary Seal

One of the projects I worked on was the school seal. This design was to be used on all official documents and diplomas. Previously they had a seal designed but had lost the original file and only had a small image file that was very pixelated. I then took that file and redrew it so that it could be scaled and colored any way they would need it. 

Norris Seminary Logo

Norris Seminary Logo

This logo was designed to be used for promotional and unofficial documents. The outline of the person is Dr. J Frank Norris teaching. He was the founder of the original Bible Baptist Seminary from which this Seminary takes its name and method of training preachers. 


Promotional Brochure

This brochure was designed for the promotions department. With this piece I wanted the school to appear modern and fresh while still adhering to their doctrines and standards. With that in mind I used sans serif fonts along with straight geometric lines and a minimal amount of texture. The client insisted that the front have an oval design on it to match the seal. This brochure was designed as a part of a promotional set that would include several other brochures and a poster. While the other brochures never materialized the poster was created. 

Promotional Poster

Promotional Poster

In keeping with the design for the brochures this poster was created. It, along with the brochure and several other documents, were sent out to various churches and preachers that were interested in the school. The school representatives would also take several copies of each of these with them whenever they went to promote the school. The idea for this poster was for it to be big and bold. One way I implemented that was with the large text on the top and the bright green gradient behind it. This would grab the viewers attention and guide their eye around the poster.