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This Story of Ours Overview

In January of 2017 I launched a wedding video branch of my video business called This Story of Ours. Here on the next few pages is the identity package I created for this new business as well as some of the advertisements ( still and motion) that I used. 

This Story of Ours Logo


This Story of Ours Brochure


This mid fold brochure was passed out at bridal shows and given to interested brides. This design didn’t call for the traditional tri-fold style because there wasn’t much content to include. Once opened on the left is some nice copy about wedding videos and on the right side all of the prices are listed as well as some more information on the services included. 

This Story of Ours Trade Show banner

Trade Show Banner

This 4’x8’ banner was created to be used at bridal shows as my booth backdrop. It prominently features the logo in the center with the tagline below that and not much else. The main purpose of this banner was to grab attention instead of delivering information. 

This Story of Ours Business Card

Business Card

Special attention was given to the business card so that it would attract attention and then immedieatly deliver the contact information. 


Special Sales

At different bridal shows I attended I needed signs for various sales that I ran. These are the two I created.

This Story of Ours Early Bird Sale
Spring Sale

Online Advertising

These ads were created for the Facebook advertising system. They consist of an image with text sparsely placed. Most of these ads were simply static images that ran, however, the “For All Eternity” ad had a video version as well. 

This Story of Ours Facebook Ad "Getting the Shot"
This Story of Ours Facebook Ad "Remember Happily Ever After"
This Story of Ours Facebook Ad "For All Eternity"

Video Ads

Ribbon Cutting Announcement

This motion graphics video ad could be converted to a print version for mailing as well. 


Valentines Day Ad

The Ribbon Cutting ad doubled as a Facebook video ad as well as a printed invitation that could be mailed. The printed version used a gate fold that revealed the cut ribbon on the inside.